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Last Festival Day

Today there were three different walks available. At 11am the second 'Historic Highlights' walk began and although it was raining, eighteen people turned up to walk around the town looking at historic buildings and hearing the information from Vicki and Shirley, members of the Stonehouse History Group. The walk ended at the Woolpack so that walkers could look at the historic photographs in the dry.

The second walk left the Town Hall at 2pm. It was the second 'Tree' walk and started with the introduction by John in the Rest Garden behind Wynn's Cafe. After viewing trees around the town the group walked to Doverow Hill to see and discuss trees in a woodland context. Eleven people took part in the walk.

The third option was the last walk of the Festival and was titled 'Dusk to Dark'. This walk also used Doverow Hill to look at the nature, history and formation of the hill area. There were twenty walkers on this walk which was led by Rachel and Stephen.

We hope everyone has enjoyed the ten days of walks and we hope to have the festival again next year.

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